Intuitive Mindset & Visionary Business Coach 
Former Registered Psychologist

FREE 5-Day Self-Promotion Challenge To Call In Your Soulmate Clients

Fix Your Marketing & Lead-Generation Problems In Just 5-Days to Build The Business You Deserve!

  • In just 5-days you'll discover how to: attract and enrol your soulmate clients through your own confident and courageous self-promotion
  • Get An Abundance of Free Leads For Your Business: One of the hardest & most expensive thing most new businesses face is attracting new leads and prospects. But with Soulful Self-Promotion you will generate as many new leads as you desire... for free!
  • Release The Shame & Fears Of Expressing Your Authentic Self: So many of us carry trauma and shame around shining our light. It's time to let that baggage go so you can SHOW UP in your boldest, most expressive self.
  • Make Self-Promotion Sacred: Showing up and expressing yourself unapologetically is a sacred act! It's time to step into this newfound confidence and inner knowing.
  • Tap into Your Soulful Self-Promotion Statement: Ever fumble on what to say when someone asks "what do you do?". Get clear on how to share your value and business in meaningful & relevant way.
  • From Selfies To Six-Figures: Learn the exact method I teach my inner circle clients how to build their six-figure business through social media and showing their most bold, beautiful, brave self online.
  • Facebook Live Video Challenge: Drop the nerves and use the power of video to magnetize your soulmate clients.
Rosalyn helped me distill what I do into a marketable message to call in my soulmate clients & I made $100K in my first year in business!
- Aurora Light,
Joy Alchemist & Soul Embodiment Guide
Roz helped me take my in person practice online, understand how to leverage social media and I closed 12 clients into my group coaching program.
- Monica Ramirez
Multidimensional Therapist & Channeler
Roz helped me get over imposture syndrome, raise my rates by more than 60%, and turned on my client and money flow! I closed 7 high ticketed 1:1 VIP clients in less than 4 weeks!
- Dr. Mariam Tashkandi
The Crossfit Dr & Nutrition Coach
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Intuitive Mindset & Visionary Business Coach
Former Registered Psychologist
I’m so glad you’re here and it’s nice to meet you, Warrior! 

Over the last few years, I have helped heart-driven coaches, healers, practitioners and service-based entrepreneurs get out of a lead generation black hole, showing them exactly how it's possible to generate high quality leads for their offerings, whether that’s high ticket 1:1 coaching clients, workshops, events, group coaching programs, masterminds or digital courses.

Feel like you're at the point of giving up or sick of the hustle and burn?

Maybe you're thinking you're not cut out for running a successful business as you have no idea where your next client is coming from?

Or maybe you're just looking for someone to answer all the confusing questions on how to create a predictable and consistent flow of leads to work with you?

Then this challenge is a great starting point to challenge your misconceptions and understand the tried and testing strategies to generate leads for free to work with you.

The challenge is running across Monday to Friday Feb. 8 - 12) where you'll all be doing it live together. Everyone one of us pushing through lead generation roadblocks and brick walls.

Plus I'll be in the group every day to help you all along the way - and to make sure you get the most from taking part.

What's stopping you from taking part and actually creating a business that serves you exactly how you want?

This challenge is all about implementation AND engagement in the private group - so we all get the maximum benefit from it.

I’ll be putting 100% and I invite you to come play full out too! So, those that show up and play full out will receive TONS of VALUE (and lead generation!) as well as win prizes. We don’t want you left in the dust, so you ready for the challenge, love?
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